Benone Strand is on the map!!!

Benone Strand or also known as Benone Beach is an amzing 7 mile stretch of beach which runs from the mouth of the Lough Foyle to the famous Mussenden Temple at Downhill. This is a beach which I grew up with and surfed for years as a child and is also the beach which I taught myself how to surf. Now looking back on it I wish there was a surf school there so I could have developed my skills as a surfer a lot quicker and a lot younger. In Northern Ireland some people have the perception that the only place which has waves which people can surf is Portrush and this is understandable as Portrush has created a surf scene and crowd in the past few years but this is why I am setting up Long Line Surf School so  people who don’t live in Portrush can enjoy the experience of surfing as well as surfing culture which we are looking to create around the North West.


By getting the guys at Magic Seaweed to put Benone Strand on their website is a great  help for Benone Strand to be noticed a surf location but also great opportunity for surfers to check the surf at Benone from the comfort of their own home or even on their smart phones.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Magic Seaweed is, they are an online surf report website which provide a surf shop, stories and individual surf reports, surf forecasts and photo albums for indiviudal surf spots all over the world. It is safe to say that probably every surfer in the world will or has used at one point in their life and for the magority of us it iused several times on a regular basis whetehr it is to look at photo or get the surf report for the day.

Benone Strand on MSW

Special thanks to Gavin at MSW for helping us get Benone Strand on the site and helping the beginning of encouraging a lifestyle not just a sport !!!!!!!

check it out: