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Binevenagh AONB

Explore Binevenagh | Causeway Coast

Exploring Binevenagh, Causeway Coast in a Day Located only a…

Surf Safety - Top Tips

With the surf season about to start we feel that it is important…

What does it take to become a surf instructor?

So over the weekend I ran the first Water Skills Academy- Foundation…
Summer Surf Camp

International Summer Surf Camp 2018! Free places for local teens.

International Summer Surf Camp 2018 has now been launched…

Benone Beach Events - 2018

Benone Beach has so much to offer in 2018. Create an experience…
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Encourage a Lifestyle Not Just a Sport

Over the past 5 years Long Line Surf School has stuck by its grass roots of “encouraging a lifestyle not just a sport”. But what makes surfing so great?