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2019 Events & Adventures

Binevenagh AONB

Explore Binevenagh | Causeway Coast

Exploring Binevenagh, Causeway Coast in a Day Located only a…

Surf Safety – Top Tips

With the surf season about to start we feel that it is important…

What does it take to become a surf instructor?

With the season nearly upon us the season beginning as early…
Summer Surf Camp

International Summer Surf Camp 2018! Free places for local teens.

International Summer Surf Camp 2018 has now been launched…

Benone Beach Events – 2018

Benone Beach has so much to offer in 2018. Create an experience…
surf lesson northern ireland

Encourage a Lifestyle Not Just a Sport

Over the past 5 years Long Line Surf School has stuck by its grass roots of “encouraging a lifestyle not just a sport”. But what makes surfing so great?