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Encourage a Lifestyle Not Just a Sport

Over the past 5 years Long Line Surf School has stuck by its grass roots of “encouraging a lifestyle not just a sport”

But what makes surfing so great ?

First of all when you come down to Long Line Surf School for the first time and you catch that very first wave it becomes unforgettable. Surfing then become addictive after that as everyone wave then has a different feeling.

No matter what the conditions are it is always good to paddle out, catch waves and have fun with friends and fellow surfers! They say that Oceans have a positive impact on human health and we will be the first to raise our hands and agree.

Surfing then becomes a lifestyle when you have a love for where you do it and that is why we have stuck to Benone. Our surfing lifestyle at Benone has grown which now allows us to spread the excitement of surfing at Benone to more people.

It is not just about coming down for an hour or two anymore but to come down for the day or even stay overnight! Surf, Eat, Drink and Chill!

Create your own Benone Experience and join our Surf Community.