Get your Surf Voucher NOW!!!

Surfing is not only a lifestyle for people but its also an experience you will never forget when you first try it. I know that when it comes to getting that special someone, friend or family member a gift I’m usually stuck for ideas. I think that the best thing you can get for someone is an expereince.

We have created Long Line Surf Vouchers which can be sent as a present for someone and used whenever they want. Look through our entire list of packages and pick one to give as a present. We have also created special gift voucher ideas with Outdoor NI which is probably the best package you can find which is “The Day I became a Surfer”. This can be purchased from


Long Line Surf Vouchers


If you don’t like the idea of that package then give us a call and we will create a package so personal that you will definitly feel like you have made an effort for someone to experience surfing and the great area of Benone.

Everything is possible and No is not an answer so give us a call or send us an email and we will make the best gift possible.