Hey, Im Home!!!!

Well its nearly been 3 weeks since my last blog. I am not to blame though as its been 2 weeks of packing,organising and phonecalls to be able to get myself from Cornwall back to Benone Beach. The disbaled boards got finished, the rashvests got printed and the wetsuits and a few softboards were picked up, chucked in a van along with the rest of my life and drove from Trebudannon in Cornwall right up the A30 onto the M5 straight for Liverpool where you then have to get a ferry which takes 8 hours over night to Belfast.

My life in a van

From there we drove North and ended up in my new house which just so happens to be the house I grew up in and the place I began my surf adventure those 10 years ago as a little kid with my 7’9″ bic surfboard on Benone Beach with no one to teach me what to do.

Now Im back, the surf school is getting organised with bookings, packages and a lot of paperwork. Lucky enough my office looks out onto the beach so there is the cheecky bit of time to jump into a wettie and go for a slide.  There will be a lot more blogs happening. Maybe even a few a day depending on how exciting life is at the moment which seems to be pritty high.

my home my office my life

Kep an eye on me. Long Line and Benone Beach are getting put on the map!!!