In the beginning !

Everything has to start somewhere………. my blog begins with a adventure which is just beginning.  BODY SURFING !!!!!! I started body surfing about 5 years ago when I first went to Hossegor in the South West of France and found that waves there broke a lot different from the beach breaks back in Northern Ireland….. they were large, wide, heavy and broke right on the sand. I remember watching guys paddling out with swim fins and catching these amazing barrels which then picked them up and slammed them into the sand….. it didn’t look that sore. So I decided to give it a go. I fell in love with it and spent most of time in France body surfing and seeing the inside of barrels which I have  never seen before.

Years past by and my enthusiasm grew. Being a beach lifeguard was a large influencec as this gave you ability to get back into shore quickly. This was quite impressive to see for local northern ireland people who had never seen  body surfing before. Then on my move to Cornwall I tried it in bigger and more messy surf. It went very well. I just couldn’t get that speed to get myself out of the barrel all the time and this is where my research came into play.

HAND PLANES…… devices which strap onto your hand and when you body surf the plane brings your body further out of the water and lets you body glide through the water with less resistance hence letting barrel rising a lot more enjoyable and accessible.

My first hand planes were created using plywood, rope straps, varnish and a few screws. I made two boards as a tester…. 13″ x 7″ with a squash tail and slightly rounded nose. They looked amazing and they actually work very well…. very thin and easy to swim with. But after doing some more research I have decided I want a foam and fibre glass plane with hard rails which will let me get my body into parts of the waves which the soft wooden rails couldn’t manage.

The first hand planes are definitely being trialled and tested.

The experimenmt has started to begin. Being a surfer I love big waves….. the only problem is that I longboard, so snapped boards happen several times a year. So them broken boards are becomng useful as we will rip the glass off the boards and reuse the foam. This lets us be ECO-FRIENDLY if you will and cuts down the costs of trying this experiment.

Dom frothing over the idea of an eco-friendly, recycled hand plane

I will keep you updated on the adventures and see how we get on. If it turns out well then there will be a lot more hand planes floating around the UK surf scene……….