Long Line Charity Challenge

For the past 5 years we have always been part of our local community and helping out as much as we can with beach cleans, environmental talks, donations and charity involvement.

This year we have decided to have an adventure, create an amazing memory with friends and challenge ourselves while raising money for a great cause.


The Adventure / Challenge:

Last year Dan prone paddled from Magilligan to Greencastle on one lovely October afternoon for the sheer craic. The conditions were perfect and it was a lovely paddle. This year we are going to use our Giant Adventures board and the Long Line team and some very close friends are going to see how many times we cross the  water from Magilligan to Donegal in one day. This is something we are all looking forward and it is an experience I am sure we will remember for a long time.

Date: Friday 31st March wpb4aec31a_05_06

Charity: Benvarden Animal Rescue Kennels


We are all dog owners and we always like to help our four legged friends as much as we can. We will be taking donations from Sea Shed Coffee & Surf down on Benone or you can get in touch with us and we can do a online donation. Every little helps.

This is something we are very excited about. We will be posting pics along the day and release a blog once we have finished.

Let the Giant Adventure begin !!