Long Line Water Trails

The first year of Long Line Surf School is now coming to a close and the new year of 2013 is about to begin. I am not one of those people that likes sitting still and when I got an idea then I like to put it into practice pretty quick. I thought about the surfing and that it was a great year which had a lot of happy customers due to the fact that I was providing a service I am extremely passionate about and that I made Long Line into a surf school I would want to go to if I was learning how to surf. As well as making the surf school even better with more packages and a more laid back recreation area I have decided to expand and create a sister business for the Long Line Family.

During the year when the surf isn’t great or the weather is at its best I would always go for a Stand Up Paddle Board down my local river. This was something I found very peaceful as well as fascinating with such a natural landscape all around as the River Roe runs under Binevenagh and through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. So in March 2013 we will be opening Long Line Water Trails which is a SUP school we will mainly base from Swanns Bridge which is at the foot of Binevenagh and has great access to the water by steps which have been funded by Limavady Council over the past two years.

In October I made a very short trip over to Cornwall to get my Level 2 ASI Stand Up Paddle Board Instructors Qualification. This gave me such an insight into this sport from Steve West who is very passionate about this sport and more knowledgeable than you could believe. By spending a few days with him I could start to visualize how I wanted the Long Line School to take shape.

As it is a Long Line School it must follow the original ethos as well as its new one; “Flow with Nature”. We want to create a school which is educational to show vital skills and techniques as well as the culture of SUP from rivers to lakes and even open waters. Lifestyle is also very important and with the new ethos so is the natural environment and that we follow the Leave no trace campaign as well as showing our customers how to pay respect to local wildlife as well as other water users.

All the boards which we use will be BIC 11’4″ SUP’s which are very buoyant and are more manageable for long paddles and even the complete novice. Just like any outdoor activity and skill demanding sport we are here to show you everything you need to know about Stand Up Paddle Boarding from the very basics to more in depth knowledge about equipment and paddle techniques. Once the first few lessons are out of the way we want to make the school inviting to all skill levels so we have created a new numbers of different packages past beginner. We want to make experiences which are also a premium service and that is why we put a lot of thought into our “Long Line Water Trails” which are guided SUP trails across waterways within AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Take part in any one of our trails and flow through an adventure down river with 360 degree views or paddle to Magilligan Point to see the Martello Tower or under the Mussenden temple into Castlerock. We have a got a number of trails to keep anyone interested in this local area and we are just very proud to show it off from such a different perspective. To make this service even better we have also added our Golden package which includes a 3 hour trail with a half way stop of point along the River Roe where you and your friends will be supplied with a catered lunch in our very own canvas bell tent looking onto the entire mountain range. This school is not only about teaching but providing experiences you will never forget.

Over the next few weeks the website will be updated and the Facebook will start to fill up with posts. ( www.facebook.com/LongLineWaterTrails )

2013 is going to be very exciting and if you are looking for a few days of great activities with the top instructors, equipment and packages then the only place to go is LONG LINE !!!