Merry Christmas from Long Line Surf School

The surf school is getting organised and ready for the new year!  It’s a very exciting time getting surfboards, wetsuits and rash vests :). What is a surf school though unless people know who you are. So what we have done is created a very unique Christmas card by Dan for all local businesses and schools to let them know about the exciting things which are going to happen at Benone Beach in 2012.  You may say “What makes a unique surfing Christmas card?”

  1. A small sketch which is unique to your surf school. No one can tell you what good art is as everyone has a different approach to what is good and nice and what they think is terrible. Draw whatever you like and if you think it is good and you enjoy looking at it then it shows your personality to everyone else.
  2. The outside of the card may be pleasing to the eye but it is the inside which counts the most. This card lets people know who you are and what your business is all about. I went for something which was personal but still had a feel of professionalism. I wanted to make a card which made people think of the surf but also think about the Long Line mission statement which is “Encouraging a lifestyle……. not just a sport” so I did a double spread on the inside of the card. A poem/small story on the left and a very nice intro to the surf school and a seasons greetings on the right.

Nice little card to put on the mantelpiece

It took me a while and a few times on the typewriter to come up with a story which was personal to people who live around Benone Beach and to create an image on Benone becoming a great surfing beach which it more than well deserves. This is what I came up with:

Wake up on a dark, cold morning and feeling the warmth of the car heater

as you drive to Benone Beach looking forward to a beautiful winter day.

Pulling the frozen wetsuit out of the boot and trying to put it on without too many

shivers. Waxing your surfboard before walking over the frost bitten boardwalk,

with the white peaks of Binevenagh in the background. Climbing over the sand

dunes as the sun rises with your excitement to see the LONG LINES rolling

onto the long vast beach.

It’s all about encouraging the lifestyle

……. not just the sport

Sign the cards and post them out ready for Christmas. The website will be going live next week with the facebook page ready for all the people opening their Christmas cards. This is just the beginning of the Long Line and I hope this gets it all started.

took longer writing out all the addresses than making the cards haha