If you try surfing it can be a life changing experience. Surfing a wave is something which gives you an unbelievable feeling with a rush of excitement. Down here at Long Line we feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to try it at least once and so we have created a lesson programme for people with disabilities


We use special equipment created by W.E surfboards which means that the coach can be on the board with you and get you riding a wave to feel the experience of surfing. It brings smiles to our customers as well as the coaches.


We can cater for 2 students at once with personal individual surf instructors or depending on the nature of the disability we can have 2 students with one coach. Benone Beach and Portstewart Strand have areas with gentle slow waves which helps keep control of the surfboards at all times.

Long Line Surf School has been providing programmes for people with disabilities for three years and holds the only charity Disability Surf Festival every June. With passion and dedication we have created surfboards, programmes and events for everyone.

Watch Disability Surf Festival Trailer 

Please contact us to discuss further as everyone is different and we like to make sure that we provide the best service possible.