Giant Adventures Big SUP Surf Session

This takes the adventure to a completely different level where Giant Adventures Big SUP becomes an adrenaline pumping activity and a unique experience. Our qualified Big SUP coaches, who will be with you all the time, will instruct you in the skills needed to work as a team in order to crash out through the surging waves and ride them all the way back to shore. It does not get more exciting than this! (Maximum of 6 people surfing)

Location: Benone

The Big SUP is completely mobile and we are always up for new adventures to new locations. Contact us to talk about where you would like us to start your adventure.


Each lesson is 2.5 hours


£25 per person based on a minimum of four people.

Smaller groups can be arranged however a minimum cost of £100 will be charged for a half day session.

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Expect the Unexpected