School Trip

School trips to Long Line Surf School are available for all age groups. We have been getting mainly local schools in for school trips but the schools can come from anywhere. Our surf school is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with views of Binevenagh mountain range and also Mussenden Temple, from down on Benone beach. If you want to make your trip out of school last for a full day there is a treasure trail also available for you to take part in and it’s lots of fun! If you don’t want to take part in that we also have a wide variety of beach games we could play like ‘stuck in the mud’ on the sand or the water version of it called ‘fishy fishy’ where instead of running under their legs you have o swim under them.

Benone Tourist complex is situated right beside the Long Line Surf School cabin. It has a number of facilities available to the public; toilets, golf, tennis, a cafe, play area and an outdoor swimming pool.

Everybody enjoys their surf lesson and if you want, Dan your instructor can even take you through and complete your level 1 at surfing.

The first group I had in when I came on work experience was primary 7 from Central Primary School. The group enjoyed their session a lot even though there weren’t many waves. Because there weren’t many we played games like stuck in the mud and also made them do the Mexican dunk.. some enjoyed that more than others.

We also got them to partner up and hold each others boards so that they could practice their pop ups for when they did catch a wave. Most of the kids had great balance and were able to do it very well. And it was really fun to watch.

The last thing we did was the board walk. We lined up everyone’s boards and took it in turns to try and run across them to the other end. It was really hard, and took a lot of skill! Even Dan couldn’t do it!!!!!

there was just 3 boards left to do!

After the board walk it was time for Central Primary to go back up to the cabin, get changed and go back to school. They had had such a good time that they didn’t even want to leave, they wanted to stay and do more! It just shows that Long Line Surf School really is the best school trip to take your pupils on, or your kids!

I really enjoyed my time with Central Primary and my time on work experience! I’ll definitely be coming back up over the summer to help Dan out whenever he needs me.