Surf and Turf

Its a Wednesday the sun is out and I was sitting at home doing work and then the phone rings. Its Gareth who is bored and says “the weather is class lets go golfing !!”.

“Yeah, alright why not.” Drove down to Benone got the clubs out of the cabin and away we went. I haven’t played a game in gold since last year.. bit rusty but so enjoyable. Blue skies, amazing back drop of Binevenagh and an awesome little 9 hole course with all par 3. (Not all my rounds were Par 3) But as my Dad always says “It’s about taking part which counts”. haha. This is an awesome course, my type of course, no dress code but still has a professional feel about it. A course anyone could play and have a good laugh with. Some easy shots and some hard ones (Lost 4 balls today)

score card

As we were walking around enjoying our game my business head couldn’t switch off so I came up with a special offer for surfing and golf.. hence the title Surf and turf ( Great idea by Dad). This is it:

excited golfer


welcome to benone


Day of golfing and surfing for £30 per person.

Now the way that this works is that on a Wednesday,  Benone Tourist Complex offer a day pass for golfing for only £5 (Crazy Wednesday). This is ridiculously cheap! You can play golf all day for a fiver.

Now remember to bring your clubs but if you don’t you can hire half sets from the complex.

Once you get your day pass from the complex for the golfing then come over to us at the surf school and get your surf lesson for £25 per person. longest Surf Lesson on the north coast and with all equipment provided for free.

Terms and Conditions

  • Book your surf lesson in advance to make sure that you have a space kept.
  • Go buy your day pass and then use your receipt as verification that you taking part in our special offer
  • If you do not turn up fr your surf lesson due to playing too much golf you will not get a chance at this offer again. You can leave the golf course half way round and then get back into it after you surf session.
  • This offer will only work on Wednesday’s from now until the end of September

Get booked in now everyone. Its a fun day out completely taken over by the outdoors. What more would you want !!!

Tel: 07738128507

water hazard 2


dan putting