Surf Surf Surf

What a week it has been. Spending some time in Cornwall has been great and thankfully there has been good surf as well. Its December… I’m still not in boots and the sun has been out for the majority of the time I have been in the water. Back spending a lot of time with my close friends from O’Neill Surf Academy (Ash and Dom). They have been showing me around places I wouldn’t really have known to go. It’s been great to see all these little coves and to take a bit of time to see villages and places which haven’t become as commercialized as much as Newquay. This week has been amazing, I have had the same excitement and urge to surf as I did growing up and surfing new places in Ireland. You really can’t beat it. Here is a short clip of Ash surfing this summer. Enjoy and catch you next week

Cornish Surfing