The Blue Flag Beach

Growing up on Benone Beach I always remember the council priding themselves of being a Blue Flag Beach and it was something I never questioned. But now since I have moved back and set up Long Line Surf School I have taken a keen interest in the local environment and finally researched exactly what a Blue Flag means. This is what the Blue Flag international beach criteria includes:

  • excellent bathing  water quality
  • information point
  • environmental education activity
  • waste and recycling bins
  • toilets
  • disabled facilities
  • lifeguards
  • first aid
  • drinking water
  • public phone within 5 minute walk of the beach

Blue Flag Beach

Now this is a great thing to be proud of as it shows that the council and the local community care about this amazing stretch of beach and waters. Benone was the first Blue Flag in Northern Ireland and it is the longest with holding beach as we are celebrating its 22nd blue flag award for 2012.

So the next time you are at Benone Beach remember all the hard work people put into making and maintaining the high standard and pick up your litter and use the bins.

Check out for all the beaches in Northern Ireland and all the interesting info needed to go have a good day out.

Long Line Surf School proud to be on a blue flag beach