The finished outcome

well it has been a long time since my last blog……. summer was busy, lack of internet and just good fun. Spent the month of October in France and since I got back the swell has been big and punchy. Perfect for body surfing.

Speaking of body surfing my first foam and fibreglass hand plane has been made and tested greatly. The shape was easy enough to make with the surfoam borrowed from Nathan Bennetts from NT surfboards. The initial shape is good but there are small twists but some of the best boards in the world have little unique twists that’s what makes surfing so fun.  I used poska pen on the foam before it was glassed. Small leash plugs were inserted for the hand strap which was very kindly made by Ashleigh Bennetts at O’Neill Surf Academy.  The hand plane was finished the day I left for France so when I got down there I was so excited to give it a go.  It worked amazing……. good sharp rails makes it easier to keep your body in place without dropping to low on the face of the wave.

The fitness aspect of body surfing is amazing. I could spen hours out there and would never get frustrated. It is 100% fun. One guy even asked to buy my hand plane. I took that as a compliment haha. Once I got from France I started to really experiment with the style of bodysurfing and the monouvers and body posiotn. I now feel I really have the hang of it.

The next challenge is to start to create a lot more hand planes for friends and family. Different shapes with different designs. I really do think that body surfing is something which will kick off in the UK just like it has in California.

It is going to be  VERY exciting 2012 as I have just been given notice that my grant application to open a surf school in Northern Ireland has been accepted and Long Line Surf School will be opening soon with Special body surfing lessons in order to create higher profile for this unique fun sport and also try and run a body surfing comp next winter. Keep an eye out for the Long Line Website coming up soon and Long Line Hand Planes which will be appearing with a few in the workshop just getting started as we speak.

Long Line Surf School Coming Soon !!!!