The Long Line Surf Cabin

Apologies for the very long delay in posting new things as the last month has been hectic but in a really good way. The dream and imaginations that I have had over the past year and half finally came a reality and Long Line Surf School as a brand was finally given an image and head quarters for people to come visit and experience surfing for themselves with amazing scenery all around!

The cabin was delivered on the 9th March and for two weeks after that, the cabin was given it face lift. We got an anti vandal unit made by Donnelly cabins with reinforced door and window shutters. With all the equipment we use at Surf School it is a piece of mind knowing that it is safe and locked up when school isn’t open. But when you look at the unit it just isn’t very pleasing to the eye when it comes to trying to promote the surfing image so we decided that it had to have a face lift so we searched and searched to try find the best way to do this and so we finally came up with idea of a log cabin and so we were very lucky that Diamond Timber Mill in Coleraine was able to do us a special order of Wayney board which is cut spruce timber with the original bark line on the bottom. When this timber arrived it was very exciting as each piece was completely different with uneven curves and pieces of bark peeling off in different places. It gave the cabin a rustic and more natural look to match it surroundings. We put a tin roof on it to match all the local houses in the area and we left the wood its natural colour in order for it to weather over time to show character.

Myself and John the Joiner spent two solid weeks building this shell to fit around the cabin and I have to say there is a great satisfaction watching something get built up from the ground and to be able to look at it now and think ” hey I did that!”

Well the cabin is finished and Surf School officially opened last weekend with some great lessons and beautiful weather to go along with it. Check out the facebook album to see the cabin go through its make over or even pop down and see it for yourself.


We tried to make something unique and individual in Northern Ireland which expressed Long Line and it sustainable natural ethos we pride ourselves in. Come on down and try the experience for yourself.