Treviglas Surf Academy “Show and Tell”

Just before I left Cornwall I went to pop in and see my old College Tutor Ellis Atwell who runs the Treviglas Surf Academy in Newquay. This academy is the entire reason I ended up in Cornwall and it is definitly the reason for where I have got to now in my life. In school I was never able to find anything interesting apart from art but then again I was never good enough at that to make a living.

Then I found the surf academy….. a college which let you be in a class surrounded with peope who all have the same interest and love in life for this sport and culture. I was able to study normal courses such as Travel and Tourism, Business Studies and Sports Science but all relative to the surfing industry which really gave me an interest in my subjects. Thanks to Treviglas I got all the A-levels I wanted, along with the surf coach qualifications and experience to go and set up my own surf school.

I went back into to see Ellis as he was a great help at the beginning of this project when it came to busines plan. Treviglas was always there for you even once you left and thats someting I can’t say about any other education I was part of.

So I went into College and sat down with the year 12 surf academy and I showed them exactly what I was doing and why this would work. They found it relevant to their business studies and I  just enjoyed sitting down and having a talk with guys who are in exactly the same shoes I was in 4 years ago.


Great day out and some lovely photos taken by my friend Steve Newman.

Thanks again to everyone at Treviglas. Especialy Ellis Attwell who was there for me from the very beginning.