What does it take to become a surf instructor?

With the season nearly upon us the season beginning as early as St Patrick’s Day this is the perfect timing to get qualified and start a new and exciting career which can take you in many different paths from across the North Coast  of Northern Ireland, the UK and anywhere around the world.

Now some people have the perception that surf instructors are just surfers who hang out at the beach all day, get tanned (mainly just in hands and feet due to wetsuits) and get paid to surf ! Yes some of the these descriptions may be true and yes we do really enjoy our jobs but we have worked hard to get here and if you are very good at your job there is a lot more to it.

To start off with there are certain qualities you need have to be a surf instructor:

  1. Physically Fit
  2. Qualified Beach Lifeguard
  3. A love for the Sport
  4. Leadership Qualities
  5. Good Communicator

If you tick these boxes then you are on your way.

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Now once you do decide to embark on this great career path there are things that you will cover which are very important but yet things you think surfers may not have even considered. As surfing is growing in popularity you find that all ages and abilities are starting to have a go and so it is important that we teach you how to understand learning through going into detail on:

  • The Learning Process
  • Learner Styles
  •  Learner Traits – Children, Teenagers and Adults.
  • Limiting Factors for Learning

Once we have covered this and the instructors now have an understanding for their clients it makes it easier to teach the client in order to maximise their potential and experience while surfing.

Surf Instructors are taught the basic ABC structured lesson programme but through understanding learning you will find that an exceptional coach will tailor each lesson and have a unique structure for every group as they analyse how the client will learn best.

Over the 3 day course there are many scenarios played out between Normal Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plans, Teaching Style and of course Laws and Legal Considerations. There is a lot more knowledge to being a surfing instructor than many people think and especially when you enrol on a course created by Water Skills Academy.

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Remember if you are looking to learn how to surf as look for quality and you will always find this in people trained by WSA.

If you would be interested in starting a career in the surf coaching world or even Stand Up Paddle-boarding look no further.

Please check out Water Skills Academy Website for further information on up and coming courses.

15th- 17th March: Foundation Surf Instructor Course