Lifestyle and Motivation

Entrepreneur, adventurist and founder of The Long Line Group, Dan Lavery finds  getting into nature is a great way to unwind from a day at the office but is even better way to boost morale within your team of colleagues. Dan Lavery Lifestyle and Motivation offers a variety of seminar talks, team building days and in/out house leadership and team training.

Benone is a unique parts of the coast which boasts unspoiled nature as well as great food and accommodation.

The Skills

Recognising opportunities, meeting challenges, and the ability to succeed where others have failed or even failed to tread.

Personal Interaction in 1:1, group and conference settings. Capability of integrating a social and environmental conscience into a business model.

Customer service strategies and implementation

The Approach

Dan has a  fresh approach to personal development and team enhancement by replacing the cloak of buzz words and jargon with inspiration and motivation grounded on a proven integration of business and lifestyle. There is room for a fresh approach and Dan has his own version.

Dan’s portfolio is as diverse as the landscape in which he works and lives and each persons’ approach to exploring and embracing it will be different, therefore every program he delivers is bespoke to the clients’ specific needs and aspirations.