Terms and Conditions
Long Line Surf School, Terms and Conditions of Business

These are the Terms and Conditions upon which the Long Line Surf School, and any person or persons (the client) applying to book a surf  or stand up paddleboard lessons agrees to adhere to:

When booking any lesson or course with Long Line Surf School a contract is made when the booking is confirmed in writing or email by us. In the case of telephone bookings when a written confirmation is not possible then the agreement is a verbal contract.
Unless by design of a bespoke package to meet your personal requirements we require a minimum of 2 people to run any Long Line Group Surfing Course and SUP course. Please be aware when booking, that your lesson may need to be rescheduled to accommodate you within a group setting.
ONLINE BOOKINGS:  once booked online an email will be sent to you as a confirmation of booking.

Age limit.

Kids Surf Lessons: The minimum age is 6 years, we cannot accept children younger than this. The maximum age for our Kids Surf Lessons is 14 years old. If looking for older children to surf with other siblings we would recommend our Original Surf Lesson.

Original Surf Lesson: This Surf Lesson is for all ages but children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during a beginner surf lesson otherwise we do offer Kids Surf Lessons. Minimum age for our surf lessons is 8 years old. 6 & 7 years old may join but must be accompanied by a non surfing adult in the water.

Stand Up Paddleboard: Minimum age for individual booking is 16 years old unless accompanied by a guardian.If accompanied by a guardian our minimum age is 12 years old.

Swimming Ability

Surfing: It’s ideal if you can swim 50 metres. If this is not the case we do ask that all participants have a reasonable level of open water confidence which would suit our lessons. Lessons are held in waist depth water, which make the activity safe and fun regardless of your swimming ability.

Stand Up Paddleboarding: It’s ideal if you can swim 50 metres. If this is not the case we do ask that all participants can tread water while feeling comfortable wearing a buoyancy aid. The river roe is dark water and can change in depth from 1m – 3m.

Parental Guidance

Participants under the age of 8 must have a parent/guardian present on the beach for the duration of the lesson.  For any children 8+ our instructors are fully qualified and have years of experience working with children. We feel that children learn more and have an overall enjoyable experience with their peers if they feel like they are not being watched. If your child does not feel comfortable parents may watch from the shore line but please try not intervene in the lesson structure.

Long Line Surf School will make every effort to arrange any changes requested after the booking has been confirmed. Any changes are subject to availability of lesson dates, places and or instructor availability.

In a case where your group size (of up to 8) drops in numbers from the original booking, notification of this must be sent to Long Line Surf School in writing in due time. If the changes are less than 72 hours prior to the lesson start time you will be responsible for paying the balance of the original booking.
If you would like to bring extra guests please book this via our website. Bookings can be amended via your account.

Please note that that if you or your group are unable to surf on the day of booking due to unsuitable surfing conditions, Long Line Surf School will either rearrange the surf lesson and book you in on another day, alternatively provide you with a Long Line Voucher to the same price of the cancelled lesson. The Long Line Voucher is valid for 6 months from initial date booked, and can be used to re-book any spaces that are available during the validity period. A refund will only be issued if the lesson has been cancelled by Long Line Surf School.

-All cancellations must be sent by email to: info@longlinesurfschool.co.uk, and are effective on the date received by Long Line Surf School. Alternatively cancellation and rescheduling can be made via your online account with you will have created when the initial booking was created. This will be the fastest and most efficient procedure.

Cancellation charges are payable as follows:
• Cancellations less than 48 hours before the lesson date: 100% of total cost payable.
• Cancellations made prior to 48 hours : Full refund will be given
If any members of your group are not going to participate in their surfing course then their space must be cancelled following the procedures above.
Failure of any member of your group to turn up on the day without prior cancellation will result in full payment, as stated on the confirmation letter being due.
Failure to turn up for your lesson at the appropriate time will not entitle you to a full or partial refund of any amount.
We reserve the right to refuse clients who turn up unreasonably late for their course (once the lesson has commenced). No refund will be offered in this situation.

Long Line Surf School reserve the right to cancel the course due to unsuitable conditions.
In the rare event that Long Line Surf School considers sea or river conditions to be unsuitable for instruction we have 3 options:
1. Your lesson/s will be re-arranged for a more appropriate time/date
2. A credit voucher will be issued
3. Another activity may be offered such as stand up paddleboard for surfing customers and surfing for stand up paddleboard customers.

– Any credit voucher issued by Long Line Surf School must be used within the same season (which runs from March – October). All vouchers are dated and signed by staff. Any lessons owed must be booked in advance and are subject to availability.
Long Line Surf School accept no responsibility for students who deviate or disregard instructions or advise given by their instructor or assistant. Therefore students will at all times be expected to listen and adhere to advice given by members of staff of Long Line Surf School.
-We will refuse to teach any student that is under the influence of alcohol or substance or is in no fit state to take part in the course. This decision is made at the discretion of the coach on the day! No refund will be offered in this situation.
-Students are required to sign a medical declaration prior to surfing.
-Parents/Guardians of children age 18 or under will be required to sign them in and stay within the beach vicinity of Benone Beach at all times.


Participation Liability and Other Important information:
*Please bring the minimum amount of valuables possible to the beach as we will not accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to personal items.
The activity of surfing carries with it a degree of risk to both people and personal property, even if enjoyed under the proper supervision of qualified instructors. It is also a strenuous and physical activity that requires those taking part to have a reasonable standard of swimming ability and personal fitness. All lesson members must therefore make us aware of any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies that they have and any prescribed drugs or medication they are taking at the time of booking and upon signing in on the day of their lesson.
No-one should participate in a surfing and SUP lesson if they are suffering from a heart condition or if they are pregnant. If you are unsure as to whether or not any medical condition that you may have will be affected by the activity of surfing then medical advice must be sought before booking your lesson. All lesson members must be able to swim at least 50 meters and must under no circumstances be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication at the time of the lesson, which may adversely affect their physical/mental abilities.
All course members must agree to abide by all instructions and decisions that the Long Line Surf School and Water Trails and its instructors make to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants.
Students on all courses will be entitled to the use of surfing equipment during their lessons, provided by the Long Line Surf School during their lesson times only. Whereas Long Line Surf School takes all reasonable measures to ensure that equipment is in a safe and good condition for use, course members are responsible for immediately reporting any damage caused to the equipment, or that becomes apparent whilst the equipment is in their possession.
Long Line Surf School does not seek to limit or exclude any liability for personal injury or loss of life which may occur as a result of its own negligence or that of its employees, officers or agents. However – Long Line Surf School assumes no liability in respect of any personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims which occur through no fault of its own, its employees, officers or agents.
All other liability or conditions implied by law and excluded to the fullest extent possible.
We make every attempt to make sure that our brochures and website show our customers the services that are on offer at our Surf School and SUP School.
All information provided is given as a guide: We accept no responsibility for errors, omissions or discrepancies in our literature. All prices are accurate at the time of publication. We reserve the right to increase and decrease prices any time after publication. Any alterations or changes will be made clear at time of booking.
Long Line Surf School, 649 Seacoast Road, Limavady, Co.Londonderry, BT49 0LH


Long Line Surf School reserve the right to change the venue activities due to unsuitable conditions.

All Long Line Gutsy Girl Weekends are bespoke and personal. The itinerary is never final as we must consider the ever changing sea and river conditions. We will provide an authentic “Irish Retreat” where you will get an in depth look into our community and culture.

If we have to alter your booking before departure any alteration will either be major or minor. Where an alteration is minor, we will, if practicable advise you before departure, but we are not obliged to do so or to pay you compensation. A minor alteration is any alteration apart from a major alteration as defined below.

When an alteration is a major alteration (and a major alteration is an alteration which involves a change to accommodation of a lower rating, or a change of activity for the duration of your holiday for reasons other than those out of our control such as weather) we will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible.

Where after departure a significant proportion of the services contracted for is or cannot be provided (for reasons other than those out of our control such as weather), you will have the choice of returning to your point of departure and receiving a pro rata refund for the cost of the remainder of your holiday, or accepting alternative arrangements.

Cancellation by the Company

We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your holiday. If we have to cancel your holiday, you will be withdrawn from the contract and a full refund of all monies paid. In addition in appropriate cases, and where such cancellation is not due to force majeure as defined below, we will pay you compensation that is reasonable taking into account all the circumstances.

Force majeure is any unusual and unforeseeable circumstance beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could avoid, examples of which are war, threat of war, riots, civil strike, terrorist attack, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, level of water in rivers, or other similar events beyond our control.

Cancellation by the Client

You, or any member of your party, may cancel your holiday at any time providing the cancellation is communicated to us in writing. As this incurs administrative charges we will retain your deposit and in addition may apply cancellation charges up to the maximum shown as follows:

21 – 30 days 50% of total cost

20 days or fewer 100% of total cost

Note: If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of an insurance policy you may be able to reclaim these charges.

Clients’ Dissatisfaction with the Weekend Retreat

In the unlikely event that a Long Line Gutsy Girls Weekend  is not up to the standard as outlined on our web site a complaint should be made immediately and during the course of the holiday to a Long Line representative. In addition if it is not possible to resolve the matter, a complaint should be made to the company. If by the end of your holiday it has not been possible to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you must notify the company in writing within 28 days of your return. Failure to do this may reduce or extinguish any rights you may have to claim compensation from Long Line Surf School.

Client’s Responsibility for Accommodation

Each person making a booking shall indemnify the company against all actions, loss, damages and costs whatsoever, in consequence of any claim by any person arising out of any act or default on the part of the client from the date of departure to the time of the said person’s return. The company reserves the right to deal with or settle any such claims as they in their absolute discretion think fit. The company takes no responsibility for your personal belongings, money or travellers cheques, either inside or outside the accommodation.


We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate without notice the holiday arrangements of any client whose behaviour is such that it is likely, in our opinion, or that of our other agents or suppliers, to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other customers, property or any other third party. Under such circumstances we will be under no obligation whatsoever to offer any refund, pay any compensation, or cover any costs you may incur.


Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding carry with them a degree of risk both to people and property, even though enjoyed under proper supervision by qualified instructors. They are also strenuous activities that require those taking part to have a reasonable standard of health and fitness. All clients must make us aware of any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies they may have and any prescribed medication they are taking at the time of booking. No-one should participate in any activity if they are suffering from a heart condition or are pregnant. Clients taking part in water sports must be able to swim at least 50 metres. No client should in any circumstances take part in an activity while under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication, which may adversely affect their physical abilities.

All clients must agree to abide by all instruction and all decisions that Long Line Surf School’s staff and instructors make, in order to secure the safety and comfort of all participants. Clients will have the use of supplier’s equipment during their stay, and are responsible for immediately reporting any damage caused to the equipment, or which becomes apparent whilst the equipment is in their possession.


Hire Terms and Conditions

Hire Term

    • The agreed Hire Term will be set out in the Schedule to these Terms and Conditions.
    • If the Customer wishes to extend the Hire Term they may do so at any time prior to the end of the Hire Term. The Hirer shall use its best and reasonable endeavours to satisfy requests for extensions but cannot guarantee the availability of the Equipment to the Customer beyond the end of the pre-existing Hire Term.
    • The Hirer reserves the right to recall the Equipment immediately at any time. In the event that the Hirer exercises this right the Customer will be reimbursed for any and all days remaining in the Hire Term or will be issued immediately with replacement Equipment of the same type or of the closest type thereto at no additional cost. If the Equipment is not returned to the Hirer on request the Customer shall be deemed to have authorised the Hirer to charge for any costs associated with such recovery.


    • The Customer shall not be required to pay a refundable Deposit to the Hirer at the commencement of the Hire Term, unless stated by the Hirer prior to the commencement of the Hire Term. The sum of the Deposit shall be set out in the Schedule to these Terms and Conditions.
    • In the event of a deposit being deemed necessary by the Hirer, at the end of the Hire Term the Hirer shall have a period of seven (7) days within which to fully inspect the Equipment. If the Equipment requires cleaning and / or maintenance which is the result of normal wear and tear the Customer will receive the Deposit back in full at the end of the inspection period. In the event that additional cleaning and / or maintenance is required the Hirer shall retain the Deposit in full or in part as appropriate and shall provide the reasons for such retention to the Customer in writing, including all relevant calculations and pricing information.

Fees and Payment

    • The Hire Fees will be determined by reference to the length of the Hire Term, the type and quantity of Equipment, the Price List and any additional items which may be included in the Hire, as set out in the Schedule to these Terms and Conditions.
    • Payment shall be made in full, as set out in the Schedule to these Terms and Conditions, prior to the commencement of the Hire Term. Online payment can be made by credit card. For group payments, payment may be made by BACS or credit / debit card.

Use and Care of the Equipment

    • The Customer may only use the Equipment for the normal purpose for which it is intended.
    • All Equipment must be used in accordance with any and all operation and safety instructions or similar documentation provided.
    • The Customer may not make any alterations or adjustments to the Equipment beyond those that would be considered reasonable for normal use of the Equipment within the range of possible adjustments specific to a given item.
    • The Customer may only affix or connect other items to the Equipment where such affixation does not exceed the design limitations of the Equipment and is not likely to damage it in any way.
    • The Customer shall at all times treat the Equipment with a reasonable level of care and shall ensure that it is kept clean, subject always to reasonable levels of wear and tear. In particular, the Customer shall clean the Equipment before returning to the Hirer so that is in no less clean than when provided to the Customer.
    • In the event that the Equipment is not available for whatever reason, the Hirer reserves the right to substitute the Equipment with equipment of a similar quality and specification, and which may be a different brand.


    • The Customer shall not attempt to make any repairs to the Equipment without the prior written consent of the Hirer. The cost of such repairs shall be borne by either the Hirer or the Customer, the responsibility being determined by the reasons for those repairs.
    • All parts which may require replacement during the Hire Term shall be replaced free of charge by the Hirer provided that such replacement is necessitated by nothing more than normal wear and tear. Additional damage may result in the Customer being charged for the cost of replacement parts and associated labour.


    • The Hirer will not be liable for any personal injury or damage to property which results from the improper use of the Equipment.
    • The Hirer will not be liable for any other loss or damage arising out of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
    • Nothing in these Terms and Conditions restricts the Hirer’s liability for death or personal injury arising out of any act or omission of the Hirer.
    • Subject to the foregoing, the Hirer’s liability shall not exceed the Hire Fees actually paid by Customer.


Data Protection

The Hirer will not share the Customer’s personal data with any third parties for any reasons without the prior consent of the Customer. Such data will only be collected, processed and held in accordance with the Hirer’s rights and obligations arising under the provisions and principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Hirer Termination

    • Where the Customer is an individual, the Hirer shall be entitled to terminate the Hire in the event that:
      • the Customer is in breach of these Terms and Conditions;
      • the Customer has had their personal belongings confiscated in order to satisfy debts; or
      • the Customer has a receiving order made against them.

Force Majeure

The Hirer shall not be liable for, nor shall it be considered in breach of these Terms and Conditions due to, any failure to perform its obligations pursuant to these Terms and Conditions as a result of a cause beyond its control, including any act of God or a public enemy or terrorist, act of any military, civil or regulatory authority, change in any law or regulation, fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other like event, theft or criminal misconduct of unrelated third parties, disruption or outage of communications (including the Internet or other networked environment), power or other utility, labour problem, unavailability of supplies, extraordinary market conditions or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar to any of the foregoing, which could not have been prevented by the Hirer with reasonable care.