Dragonboard SUP Racing

Dragonboard Available for Hire

Are you ready to rally the troops and create a  Dragonboard SUP Racing championship winning team?

Mixing the intensity of racing with the camaraderie of team spirit, the four-person Red Dragon marks the evolution of competitive SUP team racing.

Learn to race like the athletes of the Dragonboard SUP Racing World Series. Each race will vary in length and format, designed to not only test speed and power, but team camaraderie, coordination and determination!

Get ready for the following Dragonboard SUP Racing:

The Warrior: 1/4 km Sprint race. (Thee attempts with the best timed sprint recorded in our leader board)

The Conqueror: 1 km Race with 1/4km time splits. Welcome to the leg burner.

Want to take on a challenge with more than 4 friends? No problem. Welcome the Slayer time trial where you will take the slim speed of four paddlers against the power and strength of 8 with our XL Ride Boards. Check out Giant Adventures 

Frequently Asked Questions?

How hard is this? 

Dragonboard SUP Racing is an awesome next step from someone who has tried Stand Up Paddleboarding before and wants to have a go at SUP Race Experience. Dragonboard can also be taught to novice paddleboarders as well.

Where does this take place?

Our Race format is tracked on the River Roe but is also mobile so can be taken to other flatwater venues

Do we need to bring anything?

All equipment is supplied within the price of the lesson. All you will need is a swimming costume and towel.

What is the benefit of Dragonboard Racing? 

This experience can open your eyes to a competitve culture with stand up Paddleboarding. Red Paddle Co also have a World Championship event ever year which any country/team can enter. Learn the skills and become a world competitor.